Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ciao Bella!!

My new most favorite Hot Pink colour. I am so so so in love with this shade of pink. My husband says that it looks like Hello Kitty Pink.. hehehe.... yes, it's true, it does look like the Hello Kitty Hot Pink Shade. (good eye Babe)
I bought it from Ardene's for only $3.50. The shade is a very hot pink shade with purple iridescent to it. It is called Kiss My Lips.... so pretty!!!
(the photo does not do it justice at all, its much prettier and less red looking that the photo is showing)
The only problem is that it wears fast. You will notice that in one day, the colour is wearing off the tips of your nails. I don't mind because I change up my polish so much, but for those that like a manicure to last a full week, this is not going to work for you. I love the colour so much that I a willing to put up with it..hehe.
Have you tried this brand before? What is your favorite hot pink colour?
Have a super beautiful weekend to my friends and family!!
Hugs & Kisses,