Friday, July 15, 2011

What's in your LIPSTICK?

What's in your LIPSTICK?

Actually I had NEVER thought of this before until yesterday when a fellow blogger brought to my attention that Maybelline was testing on animals. Really!!! I could not believe it... my favorite mascara of all times was being tested on animals?? What to do!! What to do!! I love my XXL EXTENSIONS Waterproof Mascara and also my XXL Volume Mascara so so so much, I was very sad to find this news out. I hate it that animals are being misused and treated cruel for our gain.

So during my research I also found out that, of all things.... not only my mascara was involved with animals, but my .... oh no ... it could not be... my lipstick too. :(

What's in your LIPSTICK?
What I found out was not pretty at all, although the lipstick does make me look pretty ;)
Lipstick contains many ingredients that comes from animals, which is animal cruelty.

Most all lipsticks contain beeswax, lanolin oil, carmine - which is ground up beetles used as a dye or colouring, but the most shocking thing that I found was this.. and I will link the sites that I found the info on below this post. * "Other types of wax used are animal and plant waxes." A commonly UNKNOWN fact: Lipstick contains a very inexpensive fat which is brain and spinal cord fat from older cows. The FDA has told cosmetics makers they can no longer use brain and spinal cord tissue from older cattle in lipstick, hair sprays, and other products, reports The Associated Press. The fact that they were used at all will likely surprise millions of women who use these products daily. And that's not the only surprise....... The new FDA regulations still allow use of these animal tissues in cosmetics as long as they come from younger cattle.

From the most expensive brands to the regular drug store brands they all contain some sort of animal ingredients.

Does this surprise you?
Does this make you change your mind on your lipstick?
Does this make you think about using lipstick?

As for me, well..... I will still use my Maybelline mascara as it is one of my favorites, but I am in no way in favour of them testing on animals!! I will still use lipstick although I will always think about what is in it, ha ha ha after reading and knowing what I know now. It's very difficult to find a lipstick without animal products. All lipsticks that are pictured here have animal products in them, that means, all my favorite lipsticks have some sort of animal product in them. :(

What will you do, post your comment and let me know if this will affect you?

Wishing all my dear friends a beautiful day!!
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