Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BIO CARE Earrings

BIO CARE Earrings.

Earrings for sensitive Ears.
Comfort Zone.
Claims:  Relief for sensitive Ears. Lifetime Comfort Guarantee (proof of purchase required) 
..... the fashion solution for people suffering irritation from earrings. 

-Made of surgical grade stainless steel with a high-tech gold overlay process. (Silver colour styles are 100% surgical steel)
-Medically Tested.
-Feather-light construction. 
-Unique fusion assembly 
-no toxic alloys, solders, glues. 
For extra comfort clean ears and earrings with BIO-SEPTIC lotion

During my shopping day with my dearest and sweetest hubby we saw these earrings hanging on a rack at my local drug store. They had them in many different styles, from the ones that my hubby chose for me.. which are style number 233 (hoops in gold) to smaller hoops, gold, silver, also studs, cubic zirconium diamond studs....ohhh the list goes on ... they had many different styles and also they come in many different prices. 
The price that you pay for your earrings depends on the style that you want. 

They are not real gold... but they say that they have a high tech gold overlay. (whatever that means.. ha ha) They are made of surgical grade stainless steel so they are very good quality and good for those who are very sensitive to earrings or have a lot of allergies. I personally do not have a lot of allergies, nor is my ears sensitive, but I just thought that these were cute and my hubby also chose them for me... so I was not going to refuse.. ;)

The backs of them are very nice. They do not have a separate back... it is attached, so you just unsnap it and it will snap right back when you put them on your ears... there is no fear of your earring falling out of your ear, or you loosing it. I was very happy for this, it is well constructed, and made to last. I was afraid that they would get tangled in my curly hair... but they really don't, so I am also very happy for that as well. 
As for the comfort... when I wear them, I don't feel like I have any earrings in my ears at all. I never feel them.  They are as light as a feather, and very comfortable. 

In my opinion I would recommend these earrings to anyone... they are very affordable, and very healthy for the ears. I would love to have them in all the styles that the offer. I have to go back and take another look and see what else I can collect ;)

Have you tried the BIO CARE Earrings? What's your favorite style?

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Purchased at my local Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.99 Regular Price