Friday, June 17, 2011

Nutraderm Moisturizing Lotion

To soothe and protect dry, sensitive skin.

This product was made to care for dry skin, skin with problems such as rough skin, skin so dry it flakes or skin with calluses. According to the company, the products are formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and they are often recommended for people whose skin has become dry, cracked and/or itchy because of medical conditions or medical treatments.

Nutraderm products are made by Galderma, an international dermatological products company that also makes brands such as Cetaphil. Galderma specializes in skincare and employs its scientists to research the best way to make products that care or prevent skin conditions and that are easy for a consumer or medical professional to apply, thus ensuring their use.

For me: I use Nutraderm as my daily moisturizer... which is strange because my skin type is combination skin, and this product is made for dry flaky skin... quite the opposite of my skin type. I have started using Retin A again and my skin has been reacting to it and becoming very dry in areas around my chin, cheeks, and forehead. So I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist suggested this product and told me that it was very good for my skin.

I was really very surprised. I loved it. The texture of the lotion is very smooth and soft, and glides on the skin like silk, and of course my skin was so dry it just drank up all the extra moisture that I was putting on. You can apply it as often as you like, and I applied it 3 or 4 times a day when my skin was extra dry and tight feeling due to the medication that I used on my skin. It has a very slight scent, nothing at all that is bothering nor irritating to the skin. It's also non greasy and does not contain Lanolin. It's a great moisturizer for those that are on a Retin A treatment and find their skin very dry, flaky, and red. Works wonders... I would suggest this product to anyone, and will always keep it as part of my everyday regimen.  

Have a beautiful day!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Pharmasave) Regular price $9.99 220ml

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