Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nail Of The Week
Ciao Bella.....
Sorry my beautiful people that I have been away from my blog and have not posted in a week or so. My husband and I went on Vacation and I really enjoyed our time together.
Today's post is about a new nail polish that I just got, and I am totally in love with the shade.

I have never used the L'Oreal nail polish brand before and really was not too interested in them UNTIL I saw this colour. It's called "Now You Sea Me" in number 530.
The reason I was so attracted to it is because it is so so so so close to the famous Tiffany Blue shade.... which I love. I freaked out over this colour.
The nail polish surprised me, it's actually very nice, easy to apply, and I like the brush, which is a normal nail polish brush. Two coats and your all set!!!
Have you tried the L'Oreal Nail Polishes before.... what are your thoughts on them.... Whats your favorite shade?
Hugs & Kisses