Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scarves.... A Beautiful Accessory!!!
Ciao Bella!!
I find that scarves make the perfect accessory. You can wear just a simple "T-Shirt" or "Tank-Top" and if you add a light summer scarf it dresses your ordinary "T" into something very special.
This scarf is in a light cream shade with black butterfly's on it... it's super soft and comfy to wear. I got this one in the airport on our way home from vacation.
This one is also super soft and I love the feel of it, nice and silky feeling. It has some really in colours for this season, peach, mint, white and black... all in animal print. I also got this one in the airport on our way home from vacation.
I fell in love with the following scarves because they are so different. I love the gold metal detail to this animal print scarf in grey, black and brown. It is made of a nice, light cotton and will dress up any outfit. From Ardene.
My very first Infinity Scarf!! I totally love the colours... sea foam green and bright blue. It is made with a nice light cotton as well which is perfect for the summer months to dress up any "T" or even an evening dress.... I love it!! From Ardene.
Such a different looking and feeling scarf. It's made of stretchy grey cotton with silver metal decals in the centre.... the decals are feathers and hearts. The scarf is very light and soft, nice to add to any outfit. From Ardene.
LOVE!! Love this scarf. It's extra special because my husband picked it out for me and told me that it would look pretty on me... and he bought it for me. It is very light weight blue cotton that is super soft and has silver metal decals all around it, and a heart in the centre. It will truly dress up any outfit in the summer. From Ardene.
What are your favorite summer scarves? Do you wear a scarf in the summer?
Post your comments below, I always love hearing from you.
Wishing you all a very beautiful day!!
Hugs & Kisses,