Sunday, June 2, 2013

Iced Coffee by International Delight

Ciao Bella!!!
I have joined a website a very long time ago to try out products for free and this was the first time that they have ever sent me anything. I was so super duper happy to give this a try.
The website is called BzzAgent, if you are also interested in trying out products for free.. just click on the link and join... its all free!!
I received in the mail a box full of goodies on Friday.
They sent me two Iced Coffee Tumblers and several coupons for free Iced Coffees.
I gave a few coupons away for a few friends that have not heard of the coffee, but I have spoken to several others that have tried it and loved it. I was so excited to give it a try.
The first Iced Coffee that I am trying is the Vanilla flavored one. They come in three different flavors... Vanilla.... Caramel Macchiato.... and Mocha. YUMMY!!
The vanilla is so creamy, sweet, smooth and has that nice rich coffee flavor that I love. It's such a nice treat on a hot day.. or any day for that matter.. ha ha.
It's super fast and ready to serve. Just open up your tumbler, add ice and then pour in your flavored coffee. Slip in your straw and your all ready to go. Fast, easy and affordable. What a way to go!!!

Have you tried any of the Iced Coffee's by International Delight?
Which one is your most favorite?
Wishing you all a Beautiful Sunday!!
Hugs & Kisses,