Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tag: 50 Random Facts About Me!!
I was reading my friends "MES BISTOUILLES" blog, if you don't know her... you should, she is an awesome blogger and a great friend too. Go check her out!!
Anyway, I was reading her blog about her 50 Random Facts and thought that I'd also do the same thing. It's super fun, but also challenging to think of "50" random things about me that you guys and gals may not know about me.
Get comfy..... Here we go!!!.......
1) I'm Canadian!! :) Born in a small Provence called New Brunswick, but I am now living in the Provence called Alberta for almost 3 years.
2) I LOVE animals, esp cats. I guess that you could call me a catty kind of girl. Although I don't own one at the moment, I'm hoping to get a baby kitty someday though. I've even got her name all picked out. :)
3) I'm in love with my iPhone!!! I don't go anywhere without it, even to bed. I love gadgets, which leads me onto number 4.
4) As I just said... - I love gadgets. Phones, iPads, Laptops, Computers, iPods.... everything!! I'm kind of nerdy that way!! HA HA HA
5) I met the love of my life ---- Online! A year and a half later we met in person. He is Egyptian.
6) I moved from Canada (the small Provence of New Brunswick) to Italy where I worked as an English Teacher for 8 years. It was the best experience of my life. I loved it in Italy and also loved teaching English.
7) I married my Egyptian man in Italy and had our honeymoon in Venice.

8) I've known my husband for 12 years and we are married now for 5 years.
9) I've been to visit Egypt twice. The country is beautiful, but I'm super sad about all the revolutions that are going on there now.
10) I have a super beautiful daughter that's 24 years old. When we are together we have lots of fun.
11) I didn't have a traditional styled Wedding, but I had a Coptic Orthodox Wedding.
12) I'm the eldest of 3 brothers  and 1 sister. Yes... I came from a big family!
13) I'm very organized!!! Everything has its own place and must be put back in its same place. I write "To Do" lists for everything... shopping, groceries, housework, and the list goes on and on.. hehe. My husband is not like this.
14) I speak English with an accent that I picked up while teaching English in Italy. My family and friends here smile at me and think its funny when I speak to them.
15) I hate moving!! But...... once I'm all unpacked and moved in - I love it.
16) I love Make-Up!!! I'm a girly girl and I could play and have fun with everything make up related all day. I'm really not vain... ha ha ha.
17) I must have an air fan on all the time. I love the feel of the air on me.
18) My favorite season is Autumn. I love the warmth of the days and the cool evenings. Autumn clothes and the colours of the season. It's the perfect time of year. Speaking of the perfect time of year....
19) I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I love Christmas more than anyone you've ever known. I'm a big kid at heart during this time of year. I love the spirit of the season, the joy of giving, the special time with family and esp .... it's Christs Birthday. I just wish that everyday were a Christmas Day.
 50 Facts are hard!!!!.......... I'm only on number 20 now. Ok..... let me really snuggle down my thinking cap.....
20) I take Migraines in which I get Botox treatments for. I hate them... but the treatments are like a Magic Medicine.
21) I'm also hypothyroid. The reason why I now have extra cushion, in which I don't like at all.
22) I have the best Mom and Dad in the world. I love them so so so so so much!!!
23) I love Instagram!!! I think that it's the best app ever... ha ha ha.
24) I am Pescetarian/Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. I don't eat meat but I'm seriously in love with fruits and vegetables, which brings me to my next one.....
25) I love juicing fruits and vegetables. So Yummy!!
26) I don't smoke and rarely drink. I only drink when using it as a medicine.... HA HA.. sounds funny, but don't get me wrong here... only if I am sick with a cold will I use it. For example, I mix brandy in with a hot green tea, lemon juice, and a little honey and have this in the evening. It's really great for getting rid of colds. In a few days... your all better!!! :)
27) I love Green Tea!!! My husband and I enjoy it in the evenings together.
28) My favorite all time movie is: Pretty Woman!! Now who doesn't like that movie?!?!
29) My husbands family all live in Egypt and Lebanon and I miss them all so so so so much.
30) I'm a serious flosser. I love to floss my teeth. I really like the fresh clean feeling from brushed and flossed teeth. I'm comfortable when I feel this way... ha ha ha.
31) You may think I'm strange, but I don't know anyone who loves this kind of flower, but my favorite flower is "Sunflower". It always makes me smile and feel happy when I see them.
32) I love all kinds of music. You could say that I'm a lover of music. It just makes me feel happy inside and puts a little jump in my step.
33) Before I moved to Italy and became an English Teacher, I worked for a company called Equifax. I know a lot about Credit Reports and Fico Scores. Nerdy.... I know.... but I loved it.
34) I despise Bullying of any kind. It really make me feel ill that people can be so cruel.
35) I'm a people lover. I love to be around people, communicate with people, but I also like a little quiet time to myself once in the while.
36) I'm obsessed with wrinkle prevention. HA HA HA HA... Yes... it's true! What can I say!!
37) My biggest fear is of snakes. They give me heart attacks when I see them and I am Dust In The Wind running in the opposite direction when I see one.
38) My hobby - Other than gadgets is.... knitting. I love to knit. My Grandmother on my Dad's side taught me how to knit when I was very young and I have loved it ever since.
39) I'm a Doodler!! If there is a pen, pencil, crayon or paper .... anything..... I'm dangerous.... I'll draw and doodle on anything.
40) I love Egyptian Dates. Not the kind your mind went to... HA HA HA.... but the fruit date. They are super sweet and super yummy!!! HA HA HA... ok... that does sound funny!!!
41) My favorite TV shows are of criminal science investigations or anything of that nature. I find them interesting.
42) I love to collect pens and tea cups. Strange but true!
43) I have to sleep with lights on. A night light is ok, but the hall light is much brighter and better...hehehe. I don't like being in the dark.
44) My husband is my best friend. We do everything together. He even goes Make-Up shopping with me and helps me a lot. I love him so so so so much.
45) I can't swim. No... not a lap! I wish that I could because I love to go to the beach in the summer, but when I was a very young child I almost drowned in a mud puddle. Yes, a huge mud puddle, which scared me totally of water.
46) I understand some spoken Arabic and can say some simple Arabic things such as greetings and a few other simple things.
47) I'm a very patient kind of person. I can wait for a long time in meetings or in queues. No problem!!!
48) I love the scent of Sweet Pipe Tobacco. No one around me smokes a pipe, but if I am out and about walking down the street and someone ahead of me is smoking a pipe with Sweet Tobacco... and I smell this..... I'm like a little sniffer puppy following the scent with my nose. Ha ha ha... love it!!
49) I miss all my friends and students in Italy so very much and hope to go back someday for a visit to see them all again.
50) I love the Italian football. My favorite team is Inter.
For good measure I'll add an extra one.
51) I love Italian Gelato. Strawberry or Vanilla are my favorites. If you've ever tried Italian Gelato you will know why I love it. It's extra yummy on a hot day.
What are your 50 Random Facts about you? Go ahead... I tag you...
Wishing you all a really great day!!
Hugs & Kisses,