Thursday, May 3, 2012

Loose Button - Luxe Box - April

Aprils Luxe Finally Arrived!!
It seemed very late for me because they are supposed to arrive the middle of the month, but I did not get this one until the very last day of the month (April 30th), and what is the strangest thing... they took out the payment for Mays Luxe Box the very same day that this one arrived. I was just a wee bit upset about it arriving so late... but so happy that it did arrive.

If you are new to Loose Button or Luxe Box, it's a monthly subscription for $12.00 a month, or
$36.00 for every 3 months, or if you would like to pay for the full year in advance, its $120.00 and you get two free months if you do. For me.. I signed up for the monthly subscription.
Although the Luxe Box arrived super late... I was very happy with all the things in the box. It was extra heavy this month as well.
April was Daffodil Month.
The month to join the fight against cancer and support those living with it. This month Loose Button Luxe Box partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to help make a contribution on their behalf. Whether it was through the daffodil pin in the Luxe Box, or a product donation from me, they wanted to make sure that we all could make an impact.
I think that this was a really great idea and it goes to help those with cancer or living with cancer. The Daffodil pin is very cute and easy to wear. I was not able to wear it during the month of April because my Luxe Box arrived on the very last day of the month therefore I was a bit upset that I could not wear this pretty pin to support those with cancer.

Essie Nail Polish.

Today Essie Nail Polish has grown to be one of the industry's most popular professional polish brands. Due to Essie's long lasting formula, Essie Nail Polish has been worn by many celebrities including Princess Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

This is such a pretty light lilac colour, it's perfect for the summer season. I am in love with this pretty shade. It's mostly a creme colour which is very opaque on the nails, but it also has very fine, fine... lilac shimmers in it as well which adds to that extra sparkle on the nails. It's such a beautiful colour.

Full Size 15ml ($8.00)
I got the full size. Although Luxe Box states that the regular price is $8.00, it is not that price where I live. When I purchase Essie Nail Polish at regular price, I pay $12.00 for mine and $8.00 when it is on Sale.

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo + Conditioner.
The Aqua Light range has a lot of new innovative ways of achieving weightlessness, using things like water-soluble ingredients and light gel formulations. The Shampoo is silicone free.
I don't mind Pantene Pro products and have used them in the past and liked most of what I used in the Pantene line, for me it worked well.
I have not tried this Shampoo or Conditioner yet... but I will be using this tomorrow. So far... the smell of it is awesome.. it smells so fresh and pretty. As soon as I opened the Luxe Box I could smell a really nice scent and I found out that it was the Shampoo and Conditioner.
The size of this sample is awesome. I have got other Shampoo and Conditioner samples to try out that normally came in a packet but was unhappy with the amount in them because it never seemed to be enough to do my hair.... but the Pantene Pro samples are very generous and I love that.
Full Size: Shampoo 375ml ($6.00)
Conditioner 375ml ($6.00)
The sample size that I got is: Shampoo 50ml
                      Conditioner 50ml
Bobos Remi Leave-in Conditioner
This is formulated with Macadamia Oil, Panthenol and Jojoba Oil that penetrates deep into the hair shaft. This convenient leave-in conditioner leaves a smooth and shiny finish all day long without the build up. It revitalizes and softens your hair/synthetic hair. This superior formula helps repair dry damaged hair and prevents breakage.
I really love this product. First off... it smells wonderful. Second... it feels fantastic on the hair. It does make your hair feel really soft and shiny, not to mention conditioned. It makes it easy to put a wide tooth come through your hair without having any tangles or knots in the hair and I found that my drying time (if you dry your hair with a blow dryer) was a lot faster.
I have never heard of this product before, so it is completely a new brand, but I am very happy to have got a sample to try and in the future I will be keeping a lookout for this product and brand. I am now quite interested in what else this brand has to offer.
Full Size: 10oz ($10.00)
Sample size that I got is: 80ml or 2.70 fl oz.

Yves Rocher Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

This makeup remover is specially formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It gently eliminates all traces of eye makeup and leaves behind a feeling of freshness.

I don't know what to say about this product!!! I have used it, but not complete sold on it. It took off my regular makeup fine... but when it came to removing my eye makeup it did not do the job at all. It took a lot of swiping to remove my eye makeup and especially my mascara. I think that I prefer an oil based make up much more than this one... although it was good for everything else, just not the eyes, which this brand is saying that it is make to remove eye makeup. For me, it just did not work that well for the eyes. It has no scent or perfume in the product so it might be good for those with extra sensitive skin.

Full Size: 125ml ($6.00)
My sample size is: 50ml or 1.7fl oz

I hope that you all have enjoyed my review on the April's Loose Button Luxe Box.

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends and family a really wonderful and beautiful day.
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!!