Monday, April 2, 2012

Monthly Favorites - MARCH

Monthly Favorites - March

I decided to do something different today, I know that it's the beginning of April and I wanted to do a March Favorites blog.
These are some of the products that I used often and loved during the month of March and they all have worked very well for me.

March was basically simple and easy looking... something that did not take a long time to apply, and I was more interested in keeping my skin looking nice than wearing a lot of dark colours... hey... it's spring and that's what it's all about!!

So... here are my March Favorites, as you can see in the photo above:

- Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 - review on this product is just below this post.

- Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar. (pomegranate & lemon verbena scent) This bar soap is awesome. It's so moisturizing on the skin and the scent is divine!

- Dove Ultimate Supreme Go Fresh Revive (pomegranate & lemon verbena scent) I love the Dove soap scent so much that once I found it in the anti-perspirant stick I also had to have it as well... now I can smell divine all the time! :)

- Colgate Optic White in Cool Mint. Toothpaste that has the same whitening ingredient as Strips and it gives you whiter teeth in 1 week. I love this toothpaste and it really does work whereas other toothpaste just say this... but this one... it really works. LOVE IT!!

- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer with Goji Berry + Haloxyl. Love it... and use this everyday!

-Claritin Nasal Pump... it's a life saver for me especially during this time of year when I can not breath. It really helps with all my allergies.

- Biosilk Silk Therapy, awesome hair oil that makes my hair soft and smooth and helps with split ends.

- Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Mascara... Love this mascara. I have all the XXL Pro Mascara's and I love them. They really do an awesome job of my lashes and no matter what.. I always find myself going back to this mascara. It works best for me.

- Avon SuperSHOCK gel eyeliner in black. I bought this eyeliner when I lived in Italy.. I'm not sure if it's available in Canada, but it's the best eyeliner ever. It's super black, goes on so smooth, and stays put all day. Good thing I got a back up of it before coming to Canada.

- Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation in Blush Ivory. It's super smooth and wonderful on the skin. Did a review on my blog already about this foundation. I love it... but its super expensive.

- Missha Perfect BB Creme Foundation in the shade # 1. It's really a wonderful BB Creme foundation that will last on your skin all day. I switched it up sometimes between my LM foundation and my Missha BB Creme.

- Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This is the BEST setting powder that I have ever used and I will never be without it. It keeps your make up in place all day without budging and also helps prevent shine. It gives your skin such a flawless soft focus look. I love this product, and I am sure that it will be in every monthly favorite.

- Laura Mercier Tender Mauve Blush. It's such a pretty colour and I found myself reaching for this shade almost every day. It really is not a Mauve colour like the name suggests... but more along the lines of a peachy rose colour that I am sure would look great on light to med skin tones.

- Laura Mercier Lipstick in Caramel... I did not reach for a lot of lipsticks this month, but when I did, I went for this one, which is an unusual shade for me, but I like it a lot and found myself using it often this month. The shade is exactally as the name suggests... a caramel shade.

- Gosh Intense Lip Colour. The shade is in 302 and is the prettiest shade I have ever seen. I bought it during my Christmas Holidays with my daughter and I wear it almost every day. I only wish that I had bought 2 or 3 of them because they are so hard to find. This shade is my most favorite shade of all time... more along the lines of my HG shade, so when you see me, you most likely will see me with this shade on... the gloss is so creamy, but not sticky, and it makes your lips so soft and smooth, and look so nice. I have to go on a Gosh hunt to find more of these little babies!!

-Bonnebell LipLITES in berry nilla creme. This is also another awesome nude shade that I love a lot... as you can see by the photo... I have almost wore out the tube of it. The gloss is not sticky, which is something that I love, and it really moisturizes the lips. This lipgloss comes with such an awesome scent that it makes you want to eat it. I really like it... as well as with a lot of the Bonnebell LipLITES, but this one in particular is my favorite shade.

-Bonnebell Smackers Lip Frosting in Strawberry tube. I use this gloss every night before going to bed to make my lips soft and smooth. It really helps with the dry, cracked lips. The texture of this gloss is so smooth and creamy and feels so nice on the lips, and it really does smell of fresh strawberries. My tube is almost finished... so I will be replacing this one soon.

-Smashbox To add a soft shimmer to my everyday look... I like the Smashbox Shimmer. It gives my skin a really nice shimmer, duey look without the greasy, wet look, or even looking like I have too many sparkles on my face. The powder is very soft and velvety and goes on the skin so easily and smoothly.

- MICABELLA Shimmer Powder in 92. My daughter gave this to me as a Christmas gift and I wear it a lot, but almost everyday this month I found myself reaching for this. I love this eye shadow shade and also product. It makes the eyes look so young... not old and powdery.

- Maybelline Color Tattoo's. I wear these every day. The Tough as Taupe I use for my eyebrows and it works amazing. It does not budge all day... and I love it for that. I use Audacious Asphalt and Pomegranate Punk on my eyelids a lot this month, and sometimes even without a shadow. They have great staying power and colour payoff, quick and easy to apply for that on the go girl... and are not too expensive.

I hope that you liked my March Favorites. What were your March Favorites?

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends and family a really wonderful and beautiful day.
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!!