Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newspaper Nail Art

I am totally in love with my new nail look that I did yesterday so I had to write a blog post on them and show you all. I am in no way a professional nail artist... I can only paint my nails at the most .. ha ha... so this was the most artistic that I got with them and it was so much fun and I love how it turned out.

It's super easy to do, "even I did it".. hehehe and I found it easy and fun and it looks super cute!!

All you need is:

- A Base Coat - to protect your nails from chipping, breaking and peeling, and this also helps strengthen your nails as well, and believe me, I need all the help I can get in this area...

- Nail Polish - Paint your nails in a light grey polish. Any light grey polish will do, but for me, I used Essie "Master Plan" # 680 if you are wondering.

- Then.... it is very important to make sure that your nails are completely dry before moving onto the next step.

- Transferring the Newspaper Ink onto the Nail.
- You will need some Rubbing Alcohol. Pour some into the cap and then dip your nail into it for 5-10 seconds. Then take a small piece of cut out newspaper and press it firmly onto your nail for about 15-20 seconds. (It's OK if the Newspaper gets damp from the Alcohol)

- Then peel off the Newspaper from your nail and the Ink from the words will be left behind on your nail.

- After this, you can clean up around your nail with a Q-tip and some nail polish remover to remove any extra polish that's around your nail that you don't want.

- The final step is VERY IMPORTANT!! This is to add a top coat to the design. If you don't add the top coat to your design, you will lose the Newspaper Ink on your nails. The top coat will seal in the print, and give a nice shine and finish to your manicure.
The topcoat that I used is Seche Vite.

And that's it!!!

I Love this look so much... it's so easy and so pretty!!
Thanks goes out to "cutepolish" from YouTube and Facebook where I got the idea from.
(And my daughter as well,  who also did this Nail Art work... I loved her nails and had to do mine like this too)

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends and family a really wonderful and beautiful day.
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!!
Essie Nail Polish Purchased at my local London Drugs Ltd. $9.99 reg price
Seche Vite Purchased at my local London Drugs Ltd $11.99 reg price