Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My February Luxe Box arrived and it's in a pretty red box this month!!!


If you are new to Loose Button or Luxe Box, it's a monthly subscription for $12.00 a month, or
$36.00 for every 3 months, or if you would like to pay for the full year in advance, its $120.00 and you get two free months if you do. For me..... I signed up for the monthly subscription.
Now onto all the goodies that I got:
As you can see, this month's Luxe Box is much different than the past months... it came in such a pretty RED box. I can only assume it is because of it being the month of February and Valentines Day... the month of Love & Romance... and all that good stuff.
Not only that... but this month's Luxe Box was also promoted by Flare... A Canadian Fashion Magazine. So cool!!
Product Claims: Fights the four causes of colour change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, colour-altering minerals, and water attack. It refreshes and moisturizes hair, protecting colour from fading. Formulated with "Interlock Protein Network", the shampoo/conditioner combination gently cleanses while leaving hair shiny, manageable and refreshed.
Full Size - Shampoo 300 ml ($15)
Conditioner 250 ml ($17)
I got 3 each .35fl oz 10ml samples of Shampoo and Conditioner packs.
I have not tried this yet, but I am quite excited to give this a try... and so happy that they put more than one sample in the Luxe Box. Last month the put only one sample of a Shampoo and Conditioner in the box and I found that it was not quite enough to do my hair... so this is a very generous amount and I am really looking forward to using this product. If you want a review on it, please let me know and I will keep you posted on what I think.
Product Claims: Moroccan Oil Treatment's versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.
Full Size - 100 ml ($40)
I got 0.85 fl oz 25 ml
I have tried this product before and I actually LOVE it. It is so so so good for your hair and makes your hair feel very nice, soft and looks shiny.
In my last Luxe Box I got BioSilk Therapy, which is an oil that you put in your hair. I LOVED that product and am in fact still using the sample that they sent me. When I am finished of it, I was planning on going and purchasing a full size of the product. It makes my hair feel awesome!!! But I think I should make a comparison between the two now that I have both samples... ha ha ha.
Product Claims: A high performance, non-greasy, all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream for men and women of all ages and skin types.
Beautiful Body Balm will bring out your inner glow, improve your skin's texture and enhance elasticity - leaving  your body with a smooth, silky finish. The sumptuous lotion spreads easily, absorbs quickly and won't transfer onto your clothes, while the refreshing scent dissipates so as not to compete with your own signature fragrance.
Full Size - 200 ml ($54)
I got 1.0 fl oz 30 ml
This is a very nice hand and body balm. I love the natural citrus scent that it has... it's quite strong at first, but I love it... but it does dissipate and then you don't notice the scent at all. It's true, the lotion is non-greasy and it does absorb quickly into the skin. It's refreshing and moisturizing all at the same time and I really like it. The sample size is very nice.
Product Claims: 5 Step Regimens? Eye Creams, Day Creams, Night Creams? OH MY!!! All your skin care needs. One amazing product.
Beautiful skin shouldn't just be easy, it should be effortless. That's why Linda Stephenson created Mereadesso Face + Neck Toning Gel, a one-step skin care solution.
It's easy to apply, quick to absorb, and perfect for any skin type. Best of all, the longer you use it, the less you'll need it.
This lightweight gel-lotion's globally sourced ingredients include 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants, you're sure to see a difference in just 3-5 days.
Full Size - 50 ml ($120)
I got 0.2 fl oz 7 ml
I have started using this Gel-Lotion and quite like it. I really like the fact that it is made from natural ingredients and when you use it, you can really tell that it is... because you can smell the strong botanical extracts. If you are one that does not like scented products, maybe this is not for you, but as for me, I really like scented products and they have to smell good for me to use them...and this does smell nice... it smells natural... botanical.... like you are really doing something good for your skin. It does absorb into the skin very quickly and felt very nice. I really do like this product.
Product Claims: Its elastic polymer formula and FlexiQueen brush surround each lash with 3D waterproof film to create an infinitely glamorous look that lasts all day, and all night for an astonishing 24 smudge-free, waterproof, sweatproof, humidity proof hours.
This mascara does the work for you, so you can focus on your night out!!
Full Size 8 ml ($22)
I got .17 fl oz 5 ml
I am a big lover of mascara's so this was a great find in my Luxe Box this month. I am always trying to find "THE PERFECT" mascara... ha ha ha.
I tried the Lise Watier and I was a bit sceptical in the beginning... but when I was applying the very first coat with it, I said.. WOW... this is a really nice mascara. The brush is very different... as you can see in the photo... its quite spiky, but it really does coat every last very well with no clumping, no difficulties, and it only needed two coats to get really nice long lashes. I kept checking my lashes to see how they were doing during the day. No smudging... no raccoon eyes.... no dry fallout or flaking.... and I still have nice long volume in my lashes. I am thinking that this mascara could be a big winner for me. It surprised me!! I am very happy with this. I will keep using my sample that I got and if I keep liking it the way that I do so far... I will be purchasing a full size in the future... for sure!!!
This month's Loose Button Luxe Box was a big success!! I was very happy with everything that I got. I would encourage you all to go to their website and check them out and give them a try... you will not be disappointed.

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends and family a really wonderful and beautiful day.
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!!