Saturday, January 14, 2012


Just this past week I celebrated my Birthday. 
I had a really wonderful day, filled with lots of Birthday wishes, greetings, and calls from distant family members and friends.... I loved it so so so much. 

I think that Birthdays are such a special day... it's the day that God chose to bring you into this world and all Birthdays should be celebrated in a very special way... for everyone. 

Well my special day was no different... it was special. 
As you can see by the photo above... my sweet husband gave me a very special cake along with some very beautiful gifts as well. He is not only very special to me, but he is my best friend too, and knows me very well, and spoils me to the core... ha ha ha... I love it... and him too. 

Here are some of the special gifts that I got from my hubby, and also a very special gift that I got from my daughter, Alicia. She is the light of my life!! 

My daughter "Alicia" gave me a very beautiful gift. I was so surprised and I LOVE it so so so much.
She gave me two China Glaze Nail polishes (which I have never tried China Glaze nail polishes before so this was a great treat for me) The light shade is "Swing Baby" which I am wearing at the moment and love it. It's a sparkly taupe shade that will go with everything. The red shade is called "Sexy Silhouette", I am going to change up my polish soon and put this one on... it's true to its name... such a sexy red shade and I am so excited to wear it... I can't wait!!! 
The China Glaze Nail Polishes are really great... long lasting and wear great on the nails. I love the polish, so if I happen to see it when I am out and about shopping, I am going to pick up some myself. I only see OPI or Essie,  but I have never seen a China Glaze I will keep a look out for them. 

The next item in the beautiful box was a wonderful pigment by MICABELLA Cosmetics. I am in LOVE with this pigment. I can honestly say that I have worn this pigment almost every day... and I love it so so so much. It's a shade that everyone would love... and my daughter is great for picking out colours for me... it's a taupe/brown/golden shade. The name of the shade is called "Decadence" #92 
These pigments have no fallout at all. NONE!!! They are so easy to apply, and so blend-able. When applied they make the eyelid look so smooth and young looking. Not like you are wearing a lot of eye pigment or shadow at all... but the lid looks so smooth and flawless.. it was so surprising to me the total effect that the pigment gave as an overall look on the eye. 
I am very interested in trying out more of these pigments. They are way better than MAC. I want one in every shade because I love the overall effect and look that it gave on the eyes. It is a soft, smooth, beautiful, youthful effect.. and who would not love that look. 
Thanks Alicia for such a beautiful Birthday gift... I love everything!!!

My sweet hubby gave me a Quo Make Up Case. 
It is full of shadows/blushes/contour/and lipsticks. I love it.... I have many shades to chose from, and can mix and match any shade to go with whatever I want to wear, or I can get creative and make any look that I like. 
The Quo shadows are really quite pigmented and very nice. This is my very first Quo shadow product and I was quite surprised at the quality of it. I really love the blushes and contour shades, they match my skin tone perfectly... which is a surprise because I am so fair and hard to get a good contour to match without looking orange. The very bottom try in the case has lipsticks. All the lipsticks are beautiful... and all colours that I would wear.. all modern and very chic!! I was so surprised and so happy with this beautiful gift from my hubby... he did a great job shopping. 

My sweet hubby also gave me a beautiful gift set of Quo Make Up brushes. 
I was so happy, I was freaking out!!! The Quo Make Up brushes are gorgeous!!! I was in need of some really great new make up brushes and he gave me some beautiful ones for my Birthday!!
The Quo Make Up Brush set came with 10 beautiful brushes. 

Powder Brush
Blush Brush
Foundation Brush
Definer Shadow Brush
All Over Shadow Brush
Crease Blender Brush
Liner & Brow Definer Brush
Lip Brush
Large Concealer Brush
Shadow Smudger Brush.

The Brushes are so soft and work great when applying powder, foundation, blush, and even eyes shadow. They have never lost any hairs nor bled during washing, and I really love the look of the marble grey handles... so elegant looking!!! 

Not only did my sweet hubby give me the 10 Quo Make Up Brushes, but they also came with this beautiful brush storage or travel case. I LOVE it... so elegant and beautiful. 
It's made of black lace on the outside, and black silk in the inside, tied with a black ribbon that has two big white pearls on the ends. It has a lot of room to store these brushes, and if you have more brushes that you want to travel with, there is even more room to add them as well. 
It's so beautiful... now who would not want to travel with this... ha ha... so gorgeous!!! 
I was so proud of my hubby.. he is the most amazing man ever!!!

And last of all, (but I did not take a photo of it), he also gave me an exercise bike, hehe, so I will not only look good on the outside, but I will feel good too.. hehe. Love him!!!
Thank you my love... you are the best!!!

So these were all my special Birthday gifts that I got and I adore so much and just thought that I'd share them with you. 

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends and family a really wonderful and beautiful day. 
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!!