Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Arrived in the Post yesterday was my long awaited for Loose Button - Luxe Box. 
I was so excited, this is my very first Luxe Box ever...

If you are new to Loose Buttons or Luxe Box, it's a monthly subscription for $12.00 a month, or $ 36.00 for every 3 months, or if you would like to pay for the full year in advance, its $ 120.00 and you get two free months if you do. For me.. I signed up for the monthly subscription. 

Each month you will get a box shipped to your door with 4 to 5 different deluxe sized beauty samples for you to try out in a very chic black box. They include all different kinds of brands, for example Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Nars, ShiSeido, Stila, Lancome, Dermalogica... just to name a few.. and they are always working on including new brands. :) You will also get a card that describes each deluxe sample that you received and the price of the product if you wish to purchase it in the full size. Very nice!! 
You can customize the beauty products that you receive to your needs by filling out a Beauty Profile on their website which gives them a better idea of what to send you. 

So .. without further ado... lets get started with what I received in my Luxe Box for the month of December.

I loved opening the box and finding it all sealed with a sticker that says.... "Made for Shelley" it somehow makes one feel extra special when opening the paper just to see what is inside!! :)

Italian Mandarin Shower Gel

The smell of this is straight up... Mandarin. It smells like something that you could eat and not shower in. I LOVE the scent. It reminded me of the time when I lived in Italy and the Mandarins grew on the trees... how beautiful the blossoms where... and the scent they give off... so... this was such a nice sample to get in the box and I will truly enjoy my shower and smell mm mm good using this. 
This sample size is 50 ml or 1.7 fl oz 
Full Size is 400 ml and it sells for $ 12.00

I was excited to see this in my Luxe Box and try it out. I even started using it already and like it so far. The cream is very nice and soft on the skin... it has no scent so that is nice for those that do not like scents in their face products, and I really love the effect that it gave my skin. I have only applied it twice, but have noticed a difference already, so I can just imagine how nice it will work once I keep using it for awhile. 
The product claims: Advanced formula contains the breakthrough Tumeric Complex, with glycerin, zinc and copper, that hydrates to firm and tighten, and provides antioxidant protection for the moisture barrier, and promotes rapid surface cell turnover to help reverse the appearance of aging for younger looking skin. 
The sample size 0.5 oz or 14 g (said to have a value of $ 41.00)
Full Size 48 g and it sells for $ 140.00

by Paco Rabanne

Also in my Luxe Box came a small perfume sample for HIM!!! 
This was nice, because when I was opening the box, all excited and looking through everything... standing there watching me was my loving husband. When I told him... Ohh Honey.. I think that this one is for you... he looked at me with such surprise and excitement on his face, as if ... wow... they actually remembered a man!! I loved giving him something from the box and thought that even though the box was mainly for women... it was very sweet to include something for your loved one. Thanks Loose Buttons.. that was so sweet!!

BLACK XS for HIM - (read from the card) A woody, virile and powerful fragrance for him. Black XS is a fragrance for a new generation of men. An audacious and provocative scent for tough guys with a tender heart. 
Sample Size 1.2 ml or 0.04 fl oz.
Full Size Sells for 50 ml $ 56.00 or 80 ml $ 68.00
(By the way... he likes the scent too :) )


I can honestly say that I like this scent. I did not think that I would... but it smells rather nice. 

BLACK XS for HER (read from the card) An ultra feminine, and sensual fragrance for her. Black XS for her is an elixir of seduction wreathed in mystery. A scent of contrasts, with an exciting ambiguity. 
Sample Size 1.2 ml or 0.04 fl oz.
Full Size Sells for 50 ml $ 65.00 or 80 ml $ 78.00

EEEEEeee, I was so surprised that I got lip gloss in my Luxe Box this month, because I am totally in love with it. I love the colour of it.. it's in a NUDE shade, so very pretty, and I love the texture on my lips as well. The sample size is very nice. I am very happy with the lip gloss. 
This really does make your lips look fuller, plumper, and it does hydrate them. For me, this is my first Lise Watier lip gloss and it will not be my last because now I want to see if they have them in other shades as well... ha ha.. it sparked my interest in these little babies.. ha ha. I have worn it ever since I opened the Luxe Box and found the lip gloss. 
Sample Size 1.5 ml or 0.5 fl oz
Full Size sells for 6.2 ml for $ 20.00

A special gift from Loose Button - Luxe Box for the Holiday Season... 
A limited edition Loose Button Chocolate coin made from imported Belgian chocolate as a token of their appreciation. 
How Sweet!!
I also gave this little goodie to my dear sweet husband along with the Black XS perfume. He loved the Loose Button Box as well as I did. :)

Thanks Loose Button - Luxe Box for all the fun!!

Christmas is just a few days away and I wanted to take this time to wish all my dear friends, family, and blogger friends an Extra Special time of year. 
May this Christmas Season fill your hearts with joy, peace, and happiness!!! 

Love you all!!


Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with Lots of Love.