Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? 
Have you been good or bad? 

What's on your wish list? Come on... aren't we all just like small children at this wonderful time of year.  You have to admit it... even  though you are considered an adult, you still like Christmas... all that sparkle, glitter, and smelly goodness... who could not love that!!! 

I have to admit it... I am the biggest child at Christmas time. Everything to me just sparkles of happiness, joy and there is no other time of year that is more special than this time of year. I love the whole meaning behind Christmas. The meaning of giving... the meaning of spending time with loved ones... with friends & family that you have not seen in such a long time, and just waking up on that special Christmas morning. 
I love going to Church and and watching the Christmas plays... its just such a special time of year... there is no other than can compare!!! Everything is just so special!!! 

Do you have any special Holiday Traditions that you do with your family on Christmas Day?

For me, on Christmas morning we usually wake up very early... like everyone I imagine..haha, and open our gifts... with wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon flying all over the place... "love it" then we usually get to look at our gifts... then have breakfast. After breakfast we get dressed... in our new things that we got for Christmas if we wished... and go visit our families. Then the final finally comes when we get to go visit our Grandmother and she puts on a huge dinner for alllllll the family. EVERYONE goes to her place and we all have dinner together. It's the most amazing time of year. I wish that Christmas would last all year long and never stop... see... I told you I was a big kid at Christmas :)

What do you do on Christmas Day?

What's on your Christmas List this year?

For me, I have a few things... but one thing that I would like to have is this perfume by Prada called.... "Prada Candy".  I tried a sample and loved the scent so so so much. It has a sweet smell, but not overly, sick sweet, but a mature sweet scent... one that I think that a lot of people will truly love. It seems fun, playful, romantic.

 It has some white musk, *benzoin, caramel notes. Mmmmm already sounds good!! 
* Benzoin is a resin collected from the styrax tree, grown in the forests of Laos. Found here in an unprecedented concentration of %, it is addictive and sensual, with warm, wet, sweet, balsamy notes evoking delicately vanilla-scented honey. 

You just have to check out the "Prada Candy" web site... They have the most awesome website EVER. When you open it.. it plays the most awesome beat... makes me want to keep the site open all day, just to dance around to the beat.. ha ha ha. They also posted a add video to the new Prada Candy perfume... so funny and cute at the same time. I love it!!! Here is the link.... check it out and let me know what you think... I am in love with the site. 

Along with the Prada Candy I am wishing for a few more things.... especially to spend some time with my family that live so far away from me. 

Who knows..... Santa reads all letters... I'm hoping that he reads mine too... :)

What's your Christmas Wish List like this year? Leave your comments below and let me know... Who knows... Santa just may see your comments.... 

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends a really wonderful and beautiful day.
Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of Love!!