Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NAPOLEON PERDIS Whole Lotta Lash Mascara

NAPOLEON PERDIS Whole Lotta Lash Mascara

This Mascara came out as a free sample in the InStyle magazine in Australia. (My sister lives in Australia and she was so sweet as to send me the magazine with the sample of mascara on it)

I loved looking through the InStyle magazine. It's so much fun to see the styles from another country.

I got to test out a new mascara, one in which I can not get around here. NAPOLEON PERDIS is a line that I can not find here... so this was so exciting for me.

The Mascara comes in a nice black sleek tube... very stylish, elegant and sophisticated. The wand is made of plastic with very fine bristles to catch all the lashes. I am not much of a plastic wand lover, but I do have to say, this one is very nice, it does catch all the lashes very well and coats every lash well, and its very sturdy... not wobbly like some wands that you can find.
The mascara is a dark rich black shade.. very beautiful!!

It did not say on the tube if the mascara was waterproof or not, but from wearing this formula it does not run or give you raccoon eyes, and if you have watery eyes, it does not transfer. It also is a bit hard to take off without make up remover. Comes off perfectly without any problem with a bit of Olive Oil on a cotton pad, or your favorite oil based make up remover.

The formula lasts all day..and is not a wet formula either.  Keeps the lashes so so so long... with just one application, which I could not believe when I applied it... I did not have to apply a primer to get the long lushes lashes that I like, with just one coat of this mascara I had long curled lashes. With two coats, your effect is as if you have dramatic false lashes on... and I love it.
I am totally in love with this mascara... the only bad side to it is that I can not find it here... :(

The retail price in Australian dollar is $28.00, but for me... it is well with the price... the mascara would be a HG product if I could get it here. So if you are able to get NAPOLEON PERDIS Whole Lotta Lash Mascara - give it a try... I am sure that you will fall madly in love!!

To quote Napoleon Perdis: "Fluttery will get you everywhere"

Just a special not to my Sissie: Thank you so much for sending me this magazine with the Mascara and also the sample of Chai Latte... I enjoyed it so much. You are the BEST!!! I LOVE YOU xXx

Wishing all my fellow blogger friends a really wonderful and beautiful day!!
Hugs & Kisses