Friday, July 8, 2011

Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail color

Wet n Wild have some of their new colours out. As I was out and about on a shopping day with my sweet husband I found some of the shades still left at my local Wal-Mart. The shades are very vivid, bright, and very beautiful. It was love at first sight. The price of the polishes are very affordable as well compared to other brands.

The shades that I picked up are:
222C - Orange
230C - Saved by the Blue
223C - The Gold & The Beautiful
237C - Grey's Anatomy

At the moment I am wearing 222C - Orange. It's bright, sparkly, glittery, and nice to wear for the summer. I love it. But..... I would truly have a hard time to tell you which is my favorite because I love all the shades.

They claim that they dry in 60 seconds.... yes... the first coat does... but you really need more than one coat on your nails with this nail polish. One coat is very sheer. I have two coats of the Orange and I could really do with three coats to make the colour pop better. As for the wear of them, they wear really well. I have had this polish on for three days, and just the tips are starting to show some wear... but you really must add a base coat and top coat to your nail polish to get the most use from them.

One particular colour that I got is 237C- Grey's Anatomy. It's a duochrome... it's semi-sheer, but the colour is a murky, grayish green with an iridescent bit of violet to it. It was the only duochrome that I found that the Wal-Mart had left... lucky me!! ha ha. The formula is quite sheer in application so it may take tree coats to get what you are looking for, but the colour is very beautiful.

The brushes on the Wet n Wild polishes are slightly rounded at the tips... which are quite nice when applying the nail polish, I had no problems with them. But a word of warning.... not all nail polish bottles will have a good brush... so be very careful... if possible, check the bush before you purchase your nail polish. All my nail polishes that I got here, the brushes are great, except for the 237C- Grey's Anatomy... the bush is a little wonky... one side of the bristles are longer than the other and its hard to get an even coating of polish on the nails. So just check the polish bottles before you purchase them to make sure that the bristles are good.

Overall... for the price, quality, and colour selection of the polish, I think that Wet n Wild have great polish and I am looking forward to collecting more of them.

What colours have you got in the Wet n Wild Polishes? Have you tried them & What do you think of them?

Wishing you all a really beautiful day!!

Hugs & Kisses

Purchased at my local Wal-Mart for $2.87 Regular Price