Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goody Simple Styles "SPIN PIN mini"

Goody Simple "SPIN PIN mini"

These little pins are the coolest things ever!!
I bought them, and thought that I'd give them a try, but really never held much hope that they were really going to work in my hair. I've heard so many things about other hair clips that work, bought them, and they really did nothing in my hair and it was a big flop for me. But to my surprise... these things are amazing.

They come in two different styles. This one is the mini, and the mini comes with three clips, then they come with the regular, which has two larger clips. My hair is a bit longer than shoulder length, but very fine so I thought that the three mini ones would be perfect rather than the longer ones, and I opted for the gold coloured ones as it would match my blond hair colour. If you have darker hair, they come in a dark shade as well to match your hair colour, so when you put them in your hair, they are undetectable. So genius!!

The shape of these little things look something like the DNA... ha ha ha... so funny, and I really was sceptical as to whether they would work, as I stated earlier. Surprise, surprise!!! ;)

On the back of the box there is a list of instructions on how you can style your hair.

Also, once you open the box, and remove all the SPIN PINS... there is also more instructions on how you can style your hair with these pins.

So, I thought I would give them a try and so.... today I am sporting an up-do called "Chignon Haut" (as displayed on the inside of the box). It was so simple. I never had anything that simple to do in my hair in my life.

I just pulled my hair all to the top of my head as to make a very high pony tail, gathered it all together, and kept twisting the pony tail, this makes it go into a bun. Once you are in this place, take the "SPIN PIN and place on of them at the top of the bun, one at the bottom of the bun, and just for extra measure, I added another at the side, left some front wispies for soft effects.  Finished.... One, Two, Three, and I am finished... and my hair has been up like this all day, has not fallen out, and still looks great.

The SPIN PINS are so easy to use, and last all day. And an added bonus.... Its so great to have your hair up for the hot summer months too. Cool, easy, and simple. Now... what girl doesn't like that!!!

What's your summer hair style? Have you tried the SPIN PINS? Do you like them?

Wishing you all a very beautiful day!!

Hugs & Kisses

Purchased at my local Wal-Mart for $7.00 Sale Price