Sunday, July 10, 2011

TAG: 8 Things I wear the most often

FIRST: this was a tag that I saw on a really great blogger friend of mine. I loved it so much that I decided to do it too. She did such a wonderful job on her blog, I encourage all you blogger's and friends of mine to go and check out her site... she is awesome and really a great lady... I appreciate her as a great fellow blogger and also a great friend.
Her name is ANNE and her blog is Mes Bistouilles...


1. Lipstick & Lipgloss - This I found to be one of the hardest... as I said... one of the hardest... because there are a few others that I had a hard time to decide which one was to be my most worn because I like to change out my lipsticks and lipglosses each day, and besides that... I have so many nude shades that they are all about the same shade. So I chose one that I liked the most. This is a MAC shade, but I have other brands that are not MAC that I like as well... this just happened to be MAC in the shade "FAUX". It's a satin, and it's a "my lips but better shade".  I really don't like the nude shades that wash out my lips so that you can not even see them. I look like the "Great Dead"!!! Not a good look on a blond girl.. ha ha.

This is the Shade:


Lipglosses: this was another part that I found hard to pick just ONE from my collection of lipglosses, but I did settle on one that I do use a lot, and as you will notice in the photo... it has gotten a lot of love as well.


It's the YSL Lipgloss in "Golden Gloss". It's also a nude shade with golden shimmers in it and of course ... golden in colour, but it adds that perfect added touch to any shade of lipstick, so no matter what shade of lippie that you are wearing... this is the perfect gloss!! The texture is very nice, it's not sticky at all, and it lasts a very long time. I love all the YSL lipsticks and lipglosses, they are all so wonderful on the lips, and the smell of them is divine. They seem to smell like watermelon.  


2. Earrings - My most worn Earrings was not so difficult to chose. My Grandmother gave me these one year for a Christmas gift and I have worn them ever since. They are not real diamonds, but they seem like it to me.. ha ha... I love them, they are just the perfect size, the perfect feel, and just the perfect bling for me. I guess that you can say.... my Grandmother knows me all too well.... ha ha. She's the best!!!

3. Nail polish - Oh boy!!! that is what I say about this... as with the lipsticks... the same with the nail polish.. ha ha ha... it was SO hard to chose only ONE... crazy!!! But I did it, the only thing is, I did chose only one, the problem with  what I picked out is, it is only available in Italy, so for all of you who do not live in Italy, I'm sorry... but it is my favorite. I have lived there for the past 8 years and they have a store called KIKO... it's amazing. They have beautiful nail polished in so many different shades, and this was one of the shades that I loved, as you will see, and even the photo does not do it justice...

The shade is 227 (only numbered) but the colour is a cherry, reddish pink with silver shimmer) oohhh la la!! ha ha. It's just beautiful on the nails!! It's one of my many favorite KIKO nail polishes that I have.

4. Top/Blouse - I chose a top that will go with almost anything. It has a bit of brown, black and white in it, and it has a bit if a knot in the front of the top.. and ties at the back. It's simple, yet stylish at the same time.  

5. Footwear - just because it's summer, I decided to show my sandals that I wear the most often, they are so comfortable... so that is why I mostly wear them everyday.. ha ha. They have just a bit of a heal, not too high, and not flat, so it gives you that bit of a sexy look without making your feet tired... and you can go all day in them. I love them so much. I bought them in Italy, and they are the best sandals I have ever got. I only wish that I bought several pairs of them... ha ha.

They have an ankle strap that is very comfortable, and also a strap around the toes with a small diamond decal with others around it, all in a light tan leather. Yes... it's true love all packaged in comfort!!

6. Hair Products - This was not so difficult, I have made several posts on here before about all my hair products that I use regarding Nexxus hair Conditioner, Leave In Treatment, and also the Nexxus Over Night Treatment... these are all my favorite hair care products and I use them all the time, but one other product that I use that I did not mention is this, and it deserves to be mentioned because I use it daily and love it. It's Garnier Fructis Treatment Creme Definition and Control. "Hydra Ricci" which is Italian for Hydra Curly. It adds definition to your curly hair, making your curls bouncy, curly and with definition. I love it.

I am not sure if this is sold in Canada, as I bought this also in Italy, and I am really hoping that this is sold here in Canada. I don't know what I would do without it. It smells fruity and fantastic and adds so much bounce and defines my curls so  much that I have never found a product to do that.

Do you know of any product that is creme form that defines curls?

7. Perfume - My favorite perfume is "AMARIGE" by Givenchy. I guess that you can say that this is my signature scent because I have worn this scent for many, many years and it has been my all time favorite scent. I have many other perfumes, but I always come back to this one, and each time that I smell it, I LOVE it.

As you can see, I have used a lot of this big bottle ... ;) It truly is my all time favorite. The notes in the perfume are: Neroli, Rosewood, Violet Leaves, Citrus Notes, Gardenia, Mimosa, Melon, Peach, Plum, Cashmereon Wood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla.
The style is described to be a romantic oriental scent.
For me... LOVE IT!!!

8. Purse - Ok, I have so many purses, but this one is the one that I am using at the moment, so it was a no brainer... ha ha ha. As an English Teacher in Italy I had to use a bigger bag because I put all my teaching books into my bag, and wore it around my shoulder. It was simple, and easy to carry.

This is an Italian Leather bag, but it is large with handles that you can use to carry, but also it has shoulder straps as well. I used it mostly with the shoulder straps as it made it easy, esp when I was busy running from place to place, and I was able to stuff everything that I needed in it, from my teaching books to my make up.. yes.. I took my make up.. you never know when I girl need to have her touch ups during the day.. HA HA HA!!!  This is one of my all time favorite bags and its very comfortable.

There are my 8 most worn things.... but....

I just can not stop there...

I have one other thing that I have that is my ALL TIME FAVORITE THING, not really worn, but, my all time favorite thing in my life, as you can see...



My husband  "Sam" is my ALL TIME FAVORITE THING in my life. I love him more than anything.
This is his grand appearance on my blog!!!! ha ha ha.

This Tag was lots of fun.... Thanks so much Anne!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday.

Hugs & Kisses,