Monday, July 11, 2011

Got2b Dry Shampoo

Got2b Dry Shampoo.

I was always interested in a Dry Shampoo so that I did not have to "Shampoo" my hair everyday, which damages your hair and no one really wants that, so I saw this product on sale a few months ago and thought that I would give it a try.

Using this product means that you can skip a day of washing and still keep your hair from looking oily or dirty and it will make your hair look like it was freshly washed and clean... just for an extra day.
There are more things that I did not like about the product than the things that I did like about it. For one, the product smelled awful. It reminded me of a lemon coffee table cleaner or dust cleaner called "Pledge" ... I really am not a big fan of having this kind of smell in my hair.
Second, the overspray from the can was awful. You direct the spray towards the part of the hair you want to spray, but it would spray the walls, the mirror, the countertop, and anything that was around, and also your head included. It sprayed like a firehose.... there was no controlling it, there was light powder all over the place.

The nice thing about it was that it worked. When I did my hair straight and was on second day hair, I could use the Got2b Dry Shampoo and my hair looked like it was just done again. You had to work the product into your scalp so that it would dry up the oils, and your hair would not be oily and second day looking, but it worked well. It did not leave any white look on my hair either, so for me, it was not noticable, I think it was more because I have blond hair, but for those that have darker hair, it may leave a white powder look in your hair. It does make your hair feel cleaner the second day, but the smell of Pledge is not so good.

Would I ever buy this product again. NO!!....... as you will see in the following photos.

To give you an example of how the Got2b Dry Shampoo sprayed out, and how it looked, I sprayed it on the back of my hand as a swatch..... which was the most stupid idea ever!!!!

In the second photo, under the first, you can see that the product came out and splattered all over the back of my hand and started to turn to a powdery white, which it does in your hair, no problem......the product started to burn my hand... and I mean it really burnt the back of my hand so much, and so fast that I had to drop my camera and I could not wait until it turned any whiter, I had to get it off. The third photo, to the right, is a photo of what the product did to the back of my hand... and this is taken a week later. I still have a burn make from the product.

Now for the conculsion: I will NEVER buy this product again!!! If this product burned the back of my hand this much.... how much damage will it actually do to my hair. I really want my hair to grow out long and healthy, and I am afraid that this product will burn it off at the roots!!!

Wishing all my lovely friends a beautiful day!!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Purchased at my local Shoppers Drug Mart for $5.99 (on Sale)