Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was so lucky, I had a student of mine when I was teaching English in Italy make this beautiful Make up Storage Unit for me. His name was Antonio. He was a wonderful student and learnt English very well. 
He owned a company that made many things from glass to metal cabinets, shelves, drawers to buildings. One day I asked him if his company has ever made such a thing as a Clear Cube for make up storage. 

I sent the office some photos of what I was looking for, and they said that he had never made anything like that before, but not to worry, it is not impossible, and for me to relax a bit, he was busy at the moment and he will soon get back to me. 

So I was in no hurry and I waited. One day he showed up for his English class with a HUGE SURPRISE for me. I was so surprised!!! So happy!!! He had made me the Make up storage unit. It was perfect.... He made it perfectly. It is not made of glass, but of some sort of clear thick (plastic) not really plastic either... I really don't know the material... but it is the most beautiful thing that I have ever had for my make up. I was so excited that I had called my family (that lived in Canada at the time) and told them.. ha ha ha. AND... right away I put the storage unit to good use... as you can see. 

It's the most wonderful and beautiful unit thing that I have ever used to store all my make up in. It's clear so I can see everything... no searching or looking through boxes or drawers for something and not finding it, you can see right through this and everything is so easy to find. The drawers slide out so easy, and it is like a dream to use... and... it makes me feel like a million every morning I go to put on my make up. As you know... I LOVE to be organized!!!! The top part of the unit lifts up, it does not slide like a drawer. It's my dream come true, and all the thanks goes out to my English Student ... Antonio. 

What's your Make up Storage like? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Wishing all my lovely friends a beautiful day!!! 
Hugs & Kisses,