Sunday, June 26, 2011

Olay Professional Pro X Advanced Cleansing System

Olay Professional Pro X Advanced Cleansing System


Cleanses skin 6x better and helps maximize the immediate hydrating effectiveness of your
anti-aging moisturizer.

I really wanted to know what all this hype was all about so I finally bit the bullet and bought this gadget from Olay. It's not all that expensive if it was going to work, so I thought I would give it a try.

To my surprise, it's really quite the gadget. When you open the box, you will find the hand held device itself,  the brush head, that is actually very soft contrary to what I have heard from others, and read on other blogs, you get the 20g of Exfoliating Cleanser and also 2AA batteries. Everything that you need to get you started. Nothing wrong with that!!!

As I have said, the brush head was very soft. When I used it, I loved it. It was soft, and not harsh on my skin at all. The hand held device has an on and off button and below that it has a button for two speeds, slow and fast (mind you the fast is not very fast). The unit is totally waterproof so you can hop in the shower and use it on your skin if you wish... get idea!!

When I used it, I loved it. I used it on the slow setting and I also used the Exfoliating Cleanser Sample that came with it... it did not break me out, and I found it rather gentle on my skin, and I liked it a lot.

Before using this Pro X device, I cleaned my skin as normal, removing all my daily make up, as normal and then I cleansed with their Cleanser Sample and Pro X device for about 60 seconds. I was so surprised at the amount of make up that was removed after I had already cleaned my skin. It was a big WOW factor for me. I really thought that my skin was clean after I cleaned it.. ha ha... I guess not, no wonder I had break outs and clogged pores... this product is AMAZING!! I really love it and would suggest it to anyone that can not afford the more expensive brands.

The only down side to this product is that it does not have a stand for the Pro X unit... that's the only part that I don't like... I have to just lay it down someplace, but for the price... I don't mind at all.

There are also brush head replacements available for it, and it is suggested to replace your brush head every 3 months.
I also sanitize my brush head after every use... just to keep it clean.

Hope that everyone has a really beautiful day!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Pharmasave) Regular Price $29.99