Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nexxus Pro Mend Leave-In Treatment Crème

Nexxus Pro Mend Leave-In Treatment Crème

Claims: Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Leave in Treatment Crème provides daily repair for split end problem areas. Use after each shower to bind split ends back together before styling, so ends look beautifully healthy and strong.

First of all... my hair is very damaged, dry, curly, and colour treated, bleached blond to be exact, ha ha, and I love it. (I am sure its the worst that there can be, not to mention that it breaks off and falls out A LOT) so without any further ado I will get on with my review.
I was very skeptical that this product would help my split ends and make my hair become healthy again and have not so much fall out, but I was at the point that I was willing to try just about anything. So I gave it a go and am in fact really happy that I did. I first bought the conditioner in this line and loved it, it worked well on my hair and made it feel really wonderful and soft, so I thought that I'd give this product a try.

The very first thing that I noticed about the Leave-In Treatment Crème is the smell... oh my goodness.... it smells like Cotton Candy. It has that wonderful sweet smell that makes you want to use it all the time, ha ha. It leaves your hair with this sweet Cotton Candy smell that is so totally awesome.

That's the first thing... the second best thing is that it actually works besides smelling amazing. It really does bind the split ends together. I have very little breakage, and much less hair falling out. It makes my hair so soft and smooth feeling without weighing it down. The conditioner is nice and light as a leave in conditioner and does not make your hair greasy, which is great.
I use this after every time I wash and condition my hair. I take my hair out of the towel and add the Nexxus Leave-In Treatment Crème, and you only need a small size amount, even for my shoulder length hair, and massage it in. Then I use a wide tooth comb to comb it through... the comb goes through my hair like a dream, which before I could never do at all without taking out all my hair ... but this make the comb slip right through my hair. Then you can style as normal. As normal, because my hair is curly, I leave to air dry and let the curls set. Fluff them once they are dry and then spray them with hair spray and go. Done!!
This Leave-In Crème make me feel like my hair has just been styled by a hairdresser feeling when in fact it has not been... what a nice feeling. I love it. It is a bit pricey, but I am willing to pay for it to have nice healthy, long hair.

Coming up next........ a review on Nexxus Overnight Treatment.

Have a beautiful day!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Pharmasave) Regular Price $14.99 (141ml)