Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment

Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment

Claims: Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Overnight Treatment Crème provides intensive repair as you sleep, binding split ends back together and dramatically strengthening against future splits. Hair is healthy and restored in the morning without leaving residue on bed linens. 

As I have said before..... my hair is very curly, but it is also very dry, brittle and damaged, so taking good care of it is number one for me. I do everything that I can, and this is another step in my hair care that I have added.

The Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Crème ... as well as all the other Nexxus products... the first thing that you will notice right away is the smell... this wonderful sweet smell of Cotton Candy... it makes you want to eat it instead of putting it on your hair, but this one... well has a bit of a different smell. It still has the same sweet Cotton Candy smell in the beginning as you pump it out of the bottle, but it very quickly disappears as soon as you rub the nickle size amount around in your hands to put in your hair.

Then as soon as you massage it into your hair the smell very quickly becomes this funky awful smell of ... the best way to say it is .... fish!! Yes.. that is correct... FISH... even my husband says... "Honey... what did you put in your hair, it smells awful".. This is not the kind of thing I like to hear coming from my husband as I enter the bed!!! It's true, the product does not leave any kinds of marks on the bed linens, but it does leave a funky smell.... a fishy smell... not even the sweet Cotton Candy smell that once started out.

I am really trying to get over the smell because the product is really great. I put this in my hair every third evening before going to bed, (they suggest once a month) and shower it out in the morning. It does do what it says... it really does take care of a lot of split ends. I noticed that I have less breakage and less fall out. I used to wake up and find a lot of hair even left on the pillows.. but with this in my hair at night, there was nothing on the pillows, nothing but the funky fish smell... mmm I really don't know if I can get over the smell... the product is totally awesome, but the smell... I'm working on it... ha ha.

Overall.... I am contemplating purchasing it again. As for the outcome... it works wonderful, less breakage, less fallout, and less dry hair. Just really, really, bad smell!!!  I really want long healthy hair so the thought of just working with it is making me think its worth buying again. I just wish that the company would take the FISH out of the product.. ha ha.

This was all about taking care of your hair from the outside... the next review I am going to discuss what we can do to help take care of our hair from the inside.

Wishing you all a very beautiful day!!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Pharmasave) Regular Price $ 14.99 (56ml)