Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nexxus Conditioner

Nexxus Pro Mend Conditioner
Split End Binding Daily Conditioner

Claims: To bind split ends back together in just 3 washes.

This is an amazing conditioner. Not only does it make your hair feel soft, silky, and smooth, but it does not weigh my hair down as it repairs the split ends. Just after using it the first time, I was hooked. I find it wonderful for those of us who want to let our hair grow long and not always want to get a cut or trim ever 4 to 6 weeks to take care of split or frazzled ends.

This is very conditioning and controlling of frizzes and fly-aways as well.  I can not express how much I love this product. It has made such a big difference in the health of my once dry, damaged, brittle hair.

My hair is very curly, and most days, can get out of control, so this conditioner is a must have for me.
 I will buy it again and again.

Its a match made in heaven!!! OHHH and the scent... it's to die for... it smells like cotton candy!!! Could it get any better than that!!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Pharmasave) $14.99