Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

Rimmel's New Vinyl Gloss. (Voluptuously Shiny Lip gloss)

They claim that Vinyl Gloss now has a great shine magnifying formula for beautiful juicy looking lips that are bursting with colour. It's technology features a boosted magnifying Vinyl Shine Complex for a perfectly sculpted pout that is up to 80% shinier! The formula also boasts incredible light refraction and high colour retention. It's ultimate in glossy glamour with lips up to 40% curvier.

They come in 16 different shades. The shade that I got is 410 (Never Forget You) Thanks to my lovely daughter who sent it to me as a gift, she is such a sweetheart because she knows my love ans passion for anything make up related. ;) Thank you Bella!!

The shade 410 (Never Forget You) is beautiful. It's a cherry pink colour filled with lots of glitter and sparkles. It's like diamonds on your lips!! Really beautiful. The smell is not bad either, it's a bit fruity, something like a cherry, and I love it. The gloss itself is a bit sticky, nothing too extreme, but something that will last on your lips for about 4-5 hours, and I am very happy with that. The really great thing about the lip gloss is that if you have dry chapped lips... like me ... it does not show when you wear the gloss. The gloss smooths out your lips and makes them look so smooth and flawless.... like a dream, and it really does make your lips look fuller and voluptuous.    

One before and one after shot....... sorry.... the photos did not turn out too well, I was taking them with my iPhone, and usually the photos turn out very well with my iPhone, but doing them alone with one hand did not turn out too well, but I hope that you get the picture.

Products can be purchased at your local drug store or favorite shopping center. This lip gloss was given to me by my daughter so I really do not know the price.