Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fibralogy, it really Works!!!

Ciao All My Beautiful People!!

How are you all doing? I hope that you are all well.

I was sent this product for review compliments of #influenster. I am so happy that they have picked me to review this product because it suits me perfectly. 

The products are Fibralogy Shampoo, Fibralogy Treatment and Fibralogy Conditioner. 

It came in beautiful packaging, all wrapped in bubble wrap.... and who does not like bubble wrap... ha ha ha. 

Let's first talk about the scent... I LOVE IT!! The scent is a really clean fresh scent and it lingers on your hair even after you have styled it. I love this about the product and it makes you feel like your hair is so fresh and nicely cleaned. 

The system is a 3 step system. You first wash your hair with the Fibralogy Shampoo as you normally would with any other shampoo then rinse. 

The second step to the system is to add a dime sized amount of the thickening booster treatment... but with this, you do not rinse out, you leave it in your hair and move onto the last step.

The last step in the system is the Fibralogy Conditioner. You can also use this as you would normally with any other conditioner... but you will notice that your hair will smell amazing.

I have to admit, the smell, as I had stated was amazing, but I did not notice a big difference in my hair after one use... but after using it more than 4 times, my hair does feel thicker and fuller. I really noticed more body, which I am excited about because my hair type is so fine and thin and curly.

I am super excited to have been given the chance to try this product out... and YES... I will be purchasing it when this one runs out. 

Have you tried the new L'Oreal Fibralogy System yet?
What are your thoughts on it?

Sending you all lots of Hugs & Kisses

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