Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tag: The Colours of the Rainbow!!
Ciao Bella!!!
I "LOVE" Rainbows.... they are always so beautiful!!
The sweet and gorgeous Anne from Mes Bistouilles tagged me to do the Rainbow Tag. I am super excite to do this. Thanks so much Anne!
From my understanding you have to pick your favorite beauty products or fashion items in each colour group that is represented in the colours of the rainbow.
Here we go girls!!
For the colour RED.... I chose OLAY REGENERIST Micro-sculpting serum. It firms the skin's appearance in 5 days and it really does work. I LOVE this product. It's super concentrated with amino-peptides and B3 complex. It helps my fine lines to ... disappear!! Yes... it does!! :)
For the colour ORANGE.... I chose MAC RULE EYESHADOW. It really is a bright orange shade but oh so pretty on blue eyes... it really brings out the blue in them. This shadow is a Matte and I totally love it.

For the colour YELLOW.... I chose my trinket box. It's not really beauty related or fashion such as something that you wear... but it is still beautiful to me. It's very small and I keep a few earrings and rings in it. I got it when I lived in Italy. It's made England in 1999 with BUCKINGHAM PALACE stamped on the back in gold, and made of Fine Bone China. Design from the silk damask of the white drawing room. I love it!

For the colour GREEN..... I chose NABOB ORGANIC COFFEE. Yup!! It's the most beautiful thing first thing in the morning, and not to mention super yummy too!!! :)
For the colour BLUE..... I chose a BLUE GLASS BEADED NECKLACE that I got on our honeymoon in Venice. It is all handmade of fine glass with flecks of gold throughout it. I love the colour of blue that is in it.

For the colour INDIGO..... I chose a KIKO NAIL LACQUER in shade 300. It is such a really pretty colour, and the polish is so nice.

For the colour VIOLET.... I chose HARAJUKU LOVERS in LOVE. She is not all violet, but she does have violet hair... and the scent is like a purple smell.. ha ha ha. Strange explanation to a scent but it does smell purple... something like a grape scent. I love the fragrance but it does not last long on my skin. The longest that it will last on me is about 4 hours and that is pushing it. But I do like the "purple" scent. HA HA HA HA.

For the colour PINK .... I chose MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS LIP BALM in 25 PINK PUNCH. It's very moisturizing, and is in a very pretty pale pink shade. It smells yummy and adds a little colour to the lips at the same time that it moisturizes. My beautiful daughter sent it to me as part of a Mothers Day Gift. I love it!
Now here comes the fun part..... I am going to tag:
Wishing all my dear make up lovers a very beautiful day!!
Hugs & Kisses