Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes

Ciao Bella!!!
I went shopping with my hubby on the weekend and bought some new make up brushes. I am in bad need of some really good cosmetic brushes because the ones that I have are getting very old and unusable (if that is even a word) ha ha.

I went into my local Walmart and found these babies!!!
The "Real Techniques Make Up Brushes" By Samantha Chapman. I was super duper happy and bought both sets that they had. One set was their Core Collection, and the second was their Starter Set. Each set cost $18.95 plus sales tax.
I have to mention that they are made of synthetic hair and the handles are made of coloured aluminium with a black rubber gripper on the end of the handle. Each brush is also labeled for beginners to help you use the set.
So lets start with the Core Collection:

The Detailer Brush
This is such a tiny little brush that would be great for those hard to reach areas like applying concealer around the eyes or nose... it is also great for spot concealing those blemishes that appear once in the while. It's a great little brush that is super soft.

The Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush is also super small. It is not the size of normal paddle foundation brushes at all. Its about half the size, but as small as it is, I love it. I really don't like big brushes because I feel when I use a smaller brush, I have more control over what I want done, and this one is no exception... Its big enough to cover and small enough to reach difficult areas on the face. I love it, and it is also super

The Buffing Brush
This is a great brush for liquid foundation and also for dry mineral foundations as well. It's one of those all purpose brushes that is good for everything. I can even use it to apply powder to my face as well as bronzer or blush. From this set, I will have to say that this one is my all time favorite brush because its multi functional. It's also super soft too.



The Contour Brush
I also like this one very much as well..... it comes in a good second place! It's not too large or small, but it really is the perfect size for me. I use this brush for contour, blush and also for adding highlighter to the tops of my check bones etc. All the face brushes are super soft and light... very easy to work with.
Wishing you all a really beautiful day!!
Hugs & Kisses,