Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real Technigues Make Up Brushes
Continued from last post:
Now..... Lets move onto the Starter Kit.
The Base Shadow Brush
Love, love, love this eye brush. It's super soft and very good for the delicate eye area. I use this for laying down my eyeshadow on the mobile lid, but I also sometimes use it for blending out my eye shadows as well. One other purpose that I use it for is to put a setting powder under my eye area... it's perfect for that too. It picks up the eyeshadow or powder perfectly and only has a minimum amount of fall out from the brush. Love it!
The Deluxe Crease Brush
Love this for a crease brush... it applies my crease colour in the perfect place without a whole lot of work from me, that I love.. ha ha. It's also good for adding an eyeshadow base to your eyelids. For example, I love MAC Paint Pots and use them as my eyeshadow base and this works perfect for that. It's very soft for the delicate area on the eye and it also blends everything in seamless. Love it.
The Accent Brush
This is another love. It has many functions that's why I love it so much. I use it for accent colours on the eye... such as shaping the corner V and adding a bit of a darker shade to my eye and it works perfect for that. It's great as a spot concealer brush and also works great as a lip brush as well. I love it when one brush can do many different things... makes me want to go out and buy more of them so that I have one to do one thing, and one to do another.. ha ha. This brush is also super soft as well.
The Pixel-Pointed Eyeliner Brush
I haven't heard many good things about this brush. Many say that it was too big, too long... and the list went on so I was a bit sceptical trying this Eyeliner brush out. To my surprise .. I really like it. It does not give you an extra fine line, but about a medium sized line on your eyes and the bristles are long and strong enough to put the perfect line on your eyes without messing them up. I also like it for smudging eyeshadow under my eyes as well. This little gem surprised me and I quite like it... and find myself reaching for this liner brush quite often. I love how super soft it is too.
The Brow Brush
I really don't have anything to say about this brush because I have not used it yet. I really don't know what to use it for... it says Brow Brush and I might give it a try sometime that I use a cream brow product or powder brow product... but at the moment I have been liking my brow pencil because it gives me a very fine line and I really don't have brows anyway and I have to be extra careful putting/painting ... ha ha ha... them on. I will find a use for this... but I have not used it yet. It is super soft and that part I love.
What are your favorite brushes that you are using at the moment?
Have you tried the Real Techniques Make Up Brushes, what are your favorites?
Wishing you all a beautiful day!!
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