Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Daily Facial Cleanser
My Daily Facial Cleanser is very simple... really too simple to mention, but ... it is very good on my skin and works like a charm to remove all facial make up as well as the hardest to remove waterproof mascara all in just a few seconds. For all these reasons.. I love this!!

Using Oil as a cleanser does not break out my skin, but rather the Olive Oil helps add extra antioxidants into my skin. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The Tea Tree Oil that I use is from Aura Cacia. It is 100% Pure Essential Oil and it excellent for cleansing and helps prevent acne breakouts, the only not so nice thing about Tea Tree Oil is the smell. You really do have to get used to the scent because at first its rather stinky. I add 20 drops of this Tea Tree Oil to my bottle and then fill it with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Everything that I use to remove my make up is all natural and natural is the best way to go for me if it works good with an extra bonus is that its very healthy on the skin.
My method for using this Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil Cleanser is:

I first put my hair in a headband, then pour out a little of the Olive Oil mixture on my hand and rub my hands together to distribute the oil.
I then start massageing the oil all over my face, massaging well into the skin and you can see all the make up melting and coming off.... the last section that I remove is my eyes.. after doing the face, I start to massage around my eye area and on my lashes and all that hard to remove eye make up and waterproof mascara just melts off.
Let me warn you... It is not a pretty sight to see at this point!!!
Then I use some very warm water on a facecloth and start to remove all the oil and dirt.
Once removed you will be so surprised at how nice your skin feels.
Then I add my moisturizer of choice.
This method is super good for your skin, excelent for removing make up, it is not expensive, and it is all natural.
What is your daily cleanser that you use?
Wishing you all a really great day!!!