Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maybelline Great Lash In Clear

America's Favorite Mascara, even after 40 years!
For Lash and Brow.
Grooms and Separates.

I purchased this also the other day with the mascara for my "non existing" brows thinking that I need all the help that I can get in this area. HA HA HA.
It's a clear gel consistency, odor free, and smooth. For the lashes.. I hated it. It always made my lashes feel like they were wet feeling, like you got out of the shower and had water on your eyelashes. I really did not like that feeling at all, but as for the brows it seemed to work fine. I switch up my products for my brows from powder to pencil all the time, and over the top of all these products, I used this Great Lash Gel. I can't say that I would buy it again for my brows, it did not last all day.  I am looking for something that will really set my brows to hold through a tornado, and still come through looking great.. HA HA.

The wand is small, and the gel is clear. It's very easy to apply... and maybe I would find it even better to apply if I had eyebrows, and the staying power would last longer as well.. it also drys clear as well and not flaky, so thats a great thing.

So, if you have brows.. you may find this works great!!

Purchased at my local drug store (Shoppers Drug Mart) on sale this week for $4.99
Regular price $7.49