Saturday, May 6, 2017

Micro USB Lighting Stainless Steel Cable

Micro USB Lighting Stainless Steel Cable

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Today I wanted to talk about something different other than make-up related... because I do have many other interests other than make-up. I am also interested in gadgets... oh yes, I love gadgets and love to test almost every gadget out there. 

This review is on the Micro USP Lighting Stainless Steel Cable. I bought it from Amazon for $14.95. The cable is 3.3ft, which is plenty long because I usually keep it attached to the USB port on my computer. I really love the Stainless Steel Cable. I got the silver one and also the gold one. My favorite is the silver. 

The cable itself is super sleek and easy to move around. It, for lack of a better word choice, glides when it moves, unlike most cables that get tangled and stuck, bend and you can not place them where you like them to stay... this one is so sleek and glides across the table which is one of the main reasons that I love it. 

Another reason that I love it is because it has a bit of a stretch to the cable. It's not much, but when you plug it into your USB port and then into your phone, you can notice a bit of a give or stretch to the cable. It is super strong so I am sure that I will not end up with the end breaking off of the cable, which so happens to me a lot with the regular iPhone cables, but this one has a very sturdy strong connection end. This cable is used for the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad. (This is what I use mine for and they work perfectly).

As you can see... the end is super strong and durable. I have had this cable for quite some time and use it a lot since I got it. I have no problems with the cord getting tangled, twisted or even exposing the wires at the ends... It really is amazing. 

The seller, "Tadrous Trading Co" offers many other USB cords as well, but my favorite is the stainless steel ones. I have the gold and silver, as I have stated above. They are both in the same great quality so you can choose which color of metal suits you the best. 

You can never have too many USP Lighting Cables.... right!!??!! ha ha 

What is your favorite Lighting Cable? Do you have more than just one USB Lighting Cable? 
Leave your answers in the comment section below... I love hearing from all of you. 

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